Em’s Delicious Party Platters
are sure to please your hungry crowd.

Made fresh and ready for pick-up or delivery when you want! Relax. Call ahead!

Em's Original Submarine Sandwich Platter

Sub Sandwich Platter

Indulge your guests with a selection of Em’s Original Subs or Deluxe Torpedos cut into four-inch slices and arranged in the round – party style. Original Sub Platters are offered in 12 piece ($22); 24 piece ($42); 36 piece ($60); or 48 piece ($78) platters. Deluxe Platters are offered in 12 piece ($27);  24 piece ($52); 36 piece ($72); or 48 Piece ($95) platters. Please call to order and customize your choice of subs and condiments. Applicable PA sales tax may apply. 

Meat & Cheese Sandwich Builder

The ultimate in customization, featuring a variety of Em’s premium deli meats and cheeses artfully stacked around assorted olives or pickles and accompanied by Em’s own freshly baked hard rolls ready for sandwich making. Call ahead to specify meat & cheese  platter size ($29 – $57). Em’s fresh baked hard rolls: $4.99/dozen. Applicable PA sales tax may apply. Also recommended a custom condiment tray with sliced tomatoes, chopped onions, lettuce, peppers, mayo, mustard, and other dressings ($12-$15).


Em's Salad Sandwich Platter

 Salad Sandwich Platter

Mini finger sandwiches made with our own fresh ham salad, tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad, or seafood salad. Served on slices of Em’s famous sub rolls. Small platter serves 10-15 ($26); medium serves 15-20 ($35); Large serves 20+($44). Applicable PA sales tax may apply. Call to order.


Em's Assorted Wrap Platter

Assorted Wrap Platter

Variety of Em’s popular wraps, party sized and arranged on attractive platter. Select from Em’s popular varieties: baked ham, club, roast beef, turkey or veggie, wrapped in your choice of plain wrap, garlic-herb wrap, tomato-basil wrap or honey-wheat wrap. Wrap platters are offered in 16-piece platter ($40) or 20-piece platter ($48). Applicable PA sales tax may apply. Call to order.


Em's Assorted Cookie Platter

Em’s Cookie Platter

Em’s famous cookies sized for party nibbling. Standard platter features five dozen assorted mini cookies ($25).  May customize icing colors on sugar cookies. Please call to order. Cookies baked fresh every day.


Em's delicious homemade Mini Gobs

Em’s Signature Mini Gob Platter

Popular platter features Em’s classic gobs in mini-size. Featuring classic chocolate, red velvet, banana, pumpkin, chocolate with peanut butter icing, and chocolate with traditional German chocolate/coconut filling. This is one of our most requested platters. Two dozen mini gobs ($13); three dozen ($16); five dozen ($25). Please call to order.


Em's Cubed Cheese, Grapes and Honey Mustard Platter

Cubed Cheese Platter

A variety of five premium cheeses, accented with fresh grapes and tasty honey mustard for dipping. Crackers @ additional charge. extra. Small platter serves 10-15 ($30); large serves 15-20 ($42). Applicable PA sales tax may apply. Please call to order.


Em's Bread Bowl with Spinach Dip

Bread Bowl with Spinach Dip

This signature platter features a round loaf of Em’s fresh baked pumpernickel or seeded rye bread, hollowed and filled with Em’s creamy Spinach Dip. Circling the platter are thin party slices of Em’s French bread, seeded rye, and pumpernickel bread. Choose pumpernickel or seeded rye bread bowl. Serves 10-15 ($24). Applicable PA sales tax may apply. Baked fresh. Please call to order.


Em's Veggie Platter

Fresh Veggie Platter

Em’s delicious dill dip compliments the taste of assorted fresh veggies. Em’s Veggie Trays are offered in medium ($30) or large ($42). Applicable PA Sales Tax may apply.  Call to order. Veggies custom cut for freshness.


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